Rick Falvinge – Bitcoin Poised To Change Society

Rick Falvinge – Bitcoin Poised To Change Society:

Rick Falkvinge (@RickFalkvinge) posts his view that Bitcoin can change society even more than the Internet has.  Excerpts:

“We essentially have four different types of players that keep the economy going, and by extension, the government funded and operational.
One, there is the government itself, which issues money and regulates banks.
Two, there are commercial banks which are in complete control of the money flow, in exchange for sharing that insight with the government and letting it siphon off as much as it likes to operate itself.
At the bottom of the food chain are, three, corporations which are tasked with using this system, running all its operations through these banks,
and four, the ordinary citizen, who is supposed to be doing actual work and actually produce something that fuels the entire ecosystem.”

“What bitcoin does is cut the banks out of the loop, and by extension, the government’s ability to operate.”

 – http://bit.ly/10wqNT8
 – http://bitcointalk.org/index.phptopic=166432.0 (Further discussion of the article)

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Check out the original source here.

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