Gavin Andresen – Core Development Update #3

Gavin Andresen – Core Development Update #3:

Excerpts from the latest update from project lead Gavin Andresen (@GavinAndresen):

“If you are using bitcoind or Bitcoin-Qt and you haven’t upgraded yet, you should: the new release [v0.8] is much faster and is more gentle on your disk drives.”

“[Foundation member Saivann Carignan is] redesigning the website. He has also been doing the hard work of getting rough consensus on what the design and content should be,”

“This week transaction volume reached the voluntary, easy-to-change, 250,000 bytes-per-block limit — and that caused some pain for people. […] At least a couple of the big pools have decided to increase the size of the blocks they create.”

“There is a non-voluntary, hard-to-change, 1,000,000-bytes-of-transactions-per-block limit that needs to be raised. […] I’m confident that raising the 1MB limit will be only slightly painful for most people- you’ll just have to upgrade old Bitcoin software.”

 – (Further discussion of the scalability issue)

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