GoWest – Bitcoin in 2012: By the Numbers

GoWest – Bitcoin in 2012: By the Numbers:

GoWest (@GoWestBTC), blogging on TheBitcoinTrader.com, shows some metrics describing where Bitcoin shined in 2012.  Excerpts:

“The current market cap is actually at a peak for 2012, exceeding the spike in August. This can be attributed to the fact that tens of thousands of Bitcoins have been introduced into the economy since August.”

“These have shown steady growth over the past year:  The number of items listed at Bitmit (an auction site that operates in Bitcoin), the number of users at Ogrr (an MMORPG marketplace), and the number of views of the ‘What is Bitcoin’ YouTube video.”

“Bitcoin’s top poker site, SealswithClubs, is gaining new users on a daily basis, with attendance at the tables on the rise.”

“The Bitcoin discussion on the TwoPlusTwo forums, the most popular poker discussion forum on the ‘net, has 3,000 posts and 165,000 views!”

“All-in-all, a very impressive year for Bitcoin. Here’s to an even stronger performance in 2013!”

– http://bit.ly/UFh9NW

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Check out the original source here.

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