BitcoinMagazine – What 2013 Has in Store

BitcoinMagazine – What 2013 Has in Store:

Vitalik Buterin posts on Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine) with an outlook for 2012.  Excerpts:

“There are a considerable number of projects scheduled for release this year.”

“Once [ASIC] devices are released, the Bitcoin network’s hashpower is projected to increase by a factor of ten, making the network extremely robust against attacks from traditional, general-purpose supercomputing networks.”

“Bitcoin Wireless – This BitInstant project intends to provide a way of buying credits for prepaid cellphone and data plans from over 300 carriers around the world at competitive prices.”

In November, Marek Palatinus, operator of the Slush mining pool, announced a project to develop a physical Bitcoin wallet device that would take the form of a USB key.  The device outputs transactions signed with its internal private key directly.”

“Multisignature Transactions. The technology also has applications in secure wallets, as one can create 2-of-2 wallets with one key on your machine and the other under the control of a third party, ensuring that anyone wishing to steal your bitcoins must compromise both the provider and your own machine.”

“Bitcoin Conference – This year’s Bitcoin conference will take place in May in San Jose, California, and will be hosted by the Bitcoin Foundation.”


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