BusinessWeek – Bitcoin: Making Online Gambling Legal in the U.S.

BusinessWeek – Bitcoin: Making Online Gambling Legal in the U.S.:

Caroline Winter (@caro_winter) wrote in Business Week on Bitcoin’s impact to online gambling.  Excerpts:

“Calgary-based Infiniti Poker, like several other new online gambling sites, plans to accept Bitcoin when it launches later this month. The online currency may allow American gamblers to avoid running afoul of complex U.S. laws that prevent businesses from knowingly accepting money transfers for Internet gambling purposes.”

“Hajduk says Infiniti Poker will accept credit cards, wire transfers, and other payment options, but players in the U.S. will be able to play only using Bitcoins.”

“On Black Friday [April 15, 2011], gamblers in the U.S. had more than $100 million in online accounts frozen. Nearly two years later, the U.S. government is still working to reimburse the players, who were not targeted in the crackdown.”

“It’s unclear whether the government will go after Bitcoin gambling sites.”

“Bitcoin gaming sites keep popping up. Erik Voorhees, director of marketing and communications at BitInstant, helped design SatoshiDice, a gambling site hosted in Ireland and owned by an anonymous investor. Since launching in April, the site has taken in about $15 million in bets, Voorhees says.”

“Josh Strike, who in 2011 launched the Costa Rica-based Bitcoin casino site Strike Sapphire, says he makes sure Americans can’t access his games. [..] ‘I don’t want to get anyone in trouble.’ [said Strike]” [Further discussion of the article]

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