Quick Tip: After the Content – Related Posts

Sure, content is king but if you don’t provide useful parts with the content, you can say that the emperor is naked.

Seriously, wouldn’t you find it odd to see nothing else than the title and the content on a page Unless you’re promoting minimalism on websites (like :mnmlist), you should be focusing on interactivity, monetization or enriching / extending the content in some way. In this post, we’re going to go through how to achieve it.

If people enjoy a post, they would enjoy other posts related to the one they just read, right Probably.

Displaying a Simple “Related Posts” List

Yes, content may be “king” but a lonely king is a weak king, and people might not respect that “king”. Content without relevant links, info boxes or comments would be boring, don’t you think

Stay tuned for more sections to display after the content! Meanwhile, you can help me extend the list by letting me know what else could be used to enrich the content in the comments – which is one of the sections I’ll be talking about!

Check out the original source here.

http://bit.ly/ZkF1Uuking content, lonely king, monetiaztion, monetization, oirginal source, original source, relevant links

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