Bitcoin Foundation – Quarterly Update

Bitcoin Foundation – Quarterly Update:

Peter Vessenes (@Vessenes), Executive Director of the The Bitcoin Foundation (@BTCFoundation) provides the organization’s first Quarterly Update.  Excerpts:

“We’ve opened up a grant proposal process to anyone who wishes to apply for a grant that could further Bitcoin in some way. The deadline is February 15, 2013.”

“Announced our first conference, Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payments, for May 17-19 in San Jose [CA].”

“Member Review – over 240 at last count.”

“2012 was the year of Bitcoin Angels, 2013 seems more likely to be a Venture year. I am also starting to hear from Hedge Fund managers.”

“We’re working to get a shark-tank style demo day for the Bitcoin 2013 conference.”

“As larger companies figure out Bitcoin and how they can be involved, I think we’ll start to see significant adoption and exciting announcements.”


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